About IIHT


Since 1993, IIHT has been providing a learning platform through job-oriented IT courses, thereby bridging the skill-gap. IIHT has been dedicated to making candidates skilled and employable based on changing industry requirements.

Every IIHT programs ensures learning that can be applied to the specific job roles across ISMAC technologies such as IT-IMS, Social, Mobility, Analytics, and Cloud.

Some of the IT training programs offered at IIHT are Advanced Networking and Server Administration (ANSA), Networking Courses, Dot Net, Java, Android App Development, Web App Development, Digital Enterprise Server Management, Big Data and Hadoop, Cloud Computing and other modular job-oriented courses.

IIHT believes in providing Classroom Instructor-led training, where students not only learn from their trainers but also from their peers, leading to rich interactive learning from multiple sources. Even from the perspective of employability, classroom training is much more effective than online training. Employers any day give more preference to professionals who have undergone instructor-led classroom training, as classroom training reflects the seriousness of a student to get trained and employed.

Finished your Education? Couldn’t find a Job or the ‘right’ job for you? Looking for a professional training Institute? IIHT is the Best Hardware and Software Training Institute that provides job-oriented training in IT Programs and Courses. Visit your nearest IIHT center, enroll for IT training Program and get closer to your offer letter!.

SIS Inflexionpoint (SISIP)


SiS Inflexionpoint (SISIP) BD Limited is one of the Joint Venture Initiative of Inflexionpoint Technologies Pte. Ltd, a private equity structured global supply Chain Company and Bangladeshi entrepreneurs. Inflexionpoint Technologies Pte.  Ltd. is an IT supply chain company, through its joint venture companies and subsidiaries, engages in the sales and distribution of computer systems and peripherals, and other IT components from different OEMs across Asia and Americas.


SISIP BD has State-of-the-art Office Infrastructure with a 10,000+ Sq. Ft. office space in central city area. Our Bangladesh operations have service center with various OEM certified resources and facilities.

SiSIPBD has the strongest financial strength in Bangladesh market and can leverage our financial capabilities and support of Multi-Million dollar operation in Singapore. In addition we are able to leverage a large and diverse customer base and gain access to various distribution centers of SISIP in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, UAE, Thailand.