OpenStack is the most popular Open-Source Operating System based on Cloud Computing. OpenStack Training at IIHT would strengthen your skills as a professional to be get prepared for the OpenStack Certification. At IIHT, master the new way of OpenStack Administration on Cloud. OpenStack Training is available in all of our IIHT Centres including Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi and many more cities.



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OpenStack is a free/open-source set of software tools for developing and managing cloud computing environments. OpenStack is used for public as well as private cloud and it is deployed as an Iaas – Infrastructure-as-a-service. The software is a package of components that are interrelated. OpenStack is managed either via a web-based dashboard, RESTful API or command-line tools. OpenStack was started in 2010, and now it is considered as the future of Cloud Computing.

OpenStack is administered by the OpenStack Foundation, a non-profit organization, looking after the development and community of people linked with Openstack. OpenStack is a very wide application, consisting of computing, networking and storage. OpenStack is now extensively used among developers, leading to more advanced innovations in Cloud Computing. OpenStack’s community consists of 250+ organizations and more than 11,000 individual members spread across 130 countries.

Some of the benefits of using OpenStack are flexibility, agility, productivity, staffing, vendor-neutral cloud environment and more.

  • OpenStack is an open-source, flexible and productive Cloud Computing Platform.
  • Due to increased efficiency, OpenStack is widely used among enterprises.
  • Better career opportunities and good pay in top MNCs.

OpenStack Course Outline


IIHT is offering a Modular Programme in OpenStack. Following are the course topics included in this programme:

1. Keystone – OpenStack Identity Service
2. Glance – OpenStack Image Service
3. Neutron – OpenStack Networking
4. Nova – OpenStack Compute
5. Swift – OpenStack Object Storage
6. Using OpenStack Object Storage
7. Administering OpenStack Object Storage
8. Using the OpenStack Dashboard